SSLT assisted the opening of Hohhot Qingcheng Reading Cube Smart Book City

On January 18. "Qingcheng Reading Cube" is a modern and diversified reading space based on the geographical advantages and cultural resources of Hohhot, and is oriented towards the markets in North China. All the books in the book city are provided to readers for free reading, and the book city will become a good place for people to relax on holidays.

Every year, Reading Cube City invites nationally renowned writers, scientists, and calligraphers to lecture on campus, encouraging children to love creation, advocating science, and promoting traditional culture. Each month, employees will be given a book for free, and read and share it.
The company strives to build a corporate culture. We are a family within us. We care for each other and let them feel the warmth of home. To the outside we are one person, and everyone's words and deeds represent the education gardener bookstore. To build a good bookstore is more important to be kind to employees.

Inner Mongolia Gardener Education and Culture Media Co., Ltd. was formerly Ximeng Education Gardener Book Sales Company. It started from a small shop of more than ten square meters in 1998, and by 2013 had a single business area of 2,000 square meters, and its staff increased to more than 60 people. Nearly 1 million books in stock and sales network of 8 Qixian chain stores. The "Reading Cube Book City" was opened in Hohhot in 2018 and will be copied to Baotou next year, aiming to cover all major cities in the region within five years.

The company's model is a combination of book city + cafe + reading activities. The Inner Mongolia Gardener Education Culture Media Co., Ltd. receives the support and recognition of the government every year, and the company has been awarded by the autonomous region and the alliance 11 times.

The company will uphold the principle of good faith management for many years, strive to become bigger and stronger in the book industry, and make  Qingcheng Reading Cube Smart Book city's cultural center and become a cultural area in Inner Mongolia.
As a data intelligence technology service provider serving smart book stores for a long time, SSLT uses technology to drive the upgrade and transformation of smart stores, and uses data to reconstruct the smart consumer experience;

We can provide the following mature products for "Smart Bookstore":
Provide inbound and outbound passenger flow analysis, face recognition, customer preference system, one-dimensional code-based self-service settlement system, one-dimensional code + magnetic stripe settlement and anti-theft two-in-one system, RFID self-service settlement system, book borrowing and return system, EM anti-theft system, RFID Integrated software and hardware systems such as anti-theft system, EM + RFID anti-theft and identification system, 24-hour outdoor book sales system, and customer behavior analysis SAAS cloud platform based on matching books with customers.

The Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China pointed out that "the rights of citizens in economic, cultural, social and other aspects should be guaranteed." Efforts will be made to promote and implement the reading international strategy to bring the "Scholar China" and the "Scholar Society" closer together.
As a high-tech enterprise of the Internet of Things with intelligent software and hardware and big data analysis, SSLT will help "Science of China" and "Science of Society" under the background of politics, culture, communication, and innovation. In the future, SSLT will continue to improve its products and services, make full use of the advantages of the advantages of the Internet of Things technology, provide complete new retail solutions for smart libraries, provide customers with more convenient and enterprise-level services, and accelerate the construction of new retail SaaS clouds. Service ecology.