Are You Facing the Following Trouble?

1, Market Competition:

Challenges from e-commerce; Out of date business model; Weak connection between online and offline ; Much homogeneous products; Bad customers experiences

2, Out of Data Business Model:

Losses from inaccurate inventory; High staff costs; Low sales conversion rate.

3. Technology Obstacle:

High intelligent hardware cost; Dis-unified hardware protocols & poor compatibility; Misunderstood customer’s needs; Less suppliers of both software and hardware;

Successful solutions for retail stores from SSLT:

SSLT retails store solutions can improve customers experiences, reduce cost, increase efficiency and revenue.

1. Brand BESTIOT intelligent terminals are data collecting devices, fromthe time customers step in till out of the stores, the devices can collect custoemrs' shopping activities such as fitted on which product, interested in which one, purchased which one, by digitizing customers' behaviors to matching customers , merchandise and usages accurately

2. Brand IAIOT your specilized data center, data storage, aggregation, collation,mining, analysis, aims to turn data into business insight.

3.Brand SAIOT cloud dta platform, empowering retails stores by observing and analyzing data, to manage and predict business precisely, so that can ture data into profits.

What Can SSLT Do for Retail

1.  SSLT can improve customers shopping experiences and improve customers loyalty  by data analysic, Facial identificatin, Interactive marketing devices, Preference system, Intellectual guidance devices, Smart fitting mirror, Smart recommendation devices and self check-out system.

2. SSLT data analysis can control inventory precisely ;  RFID can take inventory fastly; Self service devices can save labor cost.

3. SSLT data analysis can help manager to insight dynamic retail data, and market forcasting.

4. SSLT can give business direction to retailers, to act faster than others.